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Paingone Fllow

For Healthy Legs & Feet

Fllow is the latest generation, certified medical device that can help to reduce pain in the legs and feet, assist with blood flow and encourage leg health.

We all want to be healthier, happier and enjoying the activities we love.

Fllow is the medical device that has been designed specifically to help relieve tired, aching and painful legs, help to improve blood flow in the legs and feet and relieve knee joint pain.

  • 150 Intensity
    1-150 Intensity Levels
  • 25 Opti Fllow
    25 Opti-Fllow Waveforms
  • Sitting or Reclining
    Relax and Recline
  • 36hr Battery
    Rechargeable Battery
  • 3 in 1 mode
    Apply 3 Modes Simultaneously

Blood Circulation

How Does it Work?

Place your feet on the comfortable cushioned footpads and Fllow delivers stimulating electrical pulses through the soles of the feet and into the lower legs. The pulses can encourage your calf muscles to automatically contract. This movement can encourage blood flow. Improved blood flow can help relieve feelings of pain and tiredness or heaviness in the legs.

Once you have selected your desired intensity, it’s time to sit or lie back and relax! Let Fllow deliver its customised program of 25 Opti-Fllow waveforms. The broad variety of pulse types, patterns and speeds keeps the stimulation feeling fresh and invigorating.

Unique Features

  • Paingone Fllow for circulation problems
    Mode 1 – For Feet And Legs

    So easy to use: simply place your bare feet on the Fllow footpads. Choose your desired intensity (with up to 150 intensity levels offered) and enjoy your 30 minute Fllow therapy session.

    Fllow actively stimulates the muscles in your legs, encouraging a “calf pump” action. This can contribute to improved blood flow in the feet and legs.

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  • Paingone Fllow knee pain
    Mode 2 – Helps Knee Pain

    The Artho-Fllow electrode pads have been designed to help with painful knee joints. Placed directly on the legs they deliver carefully calibrated stimulation to engage the leg muscles. This, in turn, can strengthen the muscles that help support the knee.

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  • Alternate Pain
    Mode 3 – For Other Painful Areas

    Aches and pains on other areas of your body? Address them at the same time as receiving the Fllow circulation therapy. The supplied TENS electrode pads can be placed on many different areas of the body. They deliver stimulating pulses for targeted, temporary relief of pain.

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  • Paingone Fllow foot warmer
    Dedicated Foot Cover

    Because Fllow’s footpads must be used with bare feet, Fllow comes with a cosy foot cover to help keep feet warm and comfortable during use. Simply slip the foot cover over the Fllow device and you’ll instantly feel the benefit.

    It features a thick lining that surrounds the feet and keeps them in comfort while Fllow gets to work delivering its programme of stimulating pulses.

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  • Paingone Fllow relax and recline mode
    Relax and Recline

    You can use Fllow while comfortably seated in your favourite chair. Take the weight off, set the intensity to your desired level, and sit back. You can read, watch TV, browse online, while Fllow does all the work. And, to enjoy Fllow in even greater comfort, activate its Relax and Recline System.

    Built-in legs allow Fllow to be set to the perfect angle for use while reclining. This allows you to enjoy Fllow while lying down, for example, on bed of sofa. The Relax and Recline System lets you use all of Fllow’s features while enjoying the greatest possible degree of comfort.

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  • Paingone Fllow remote to device
    Remote Control With Screen

    The heart of Fllow is its remote control. With its large, light-up screen it displays information clearly. While its capacitive buttons respond to even a light touch. This makes controlling Fllow easy for everyone.

    The remote can be removed from its cradle and held comfortably in your hand. This allows you to control all of Fllow’s features and settings from your chair or bed, you don’t need to reach down to the device to make adjustments.

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Related FAQs

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  • What does using Fllow feel like?

    Fllow has adjustable intensity levels. At lower levels the stimulation may create a ‘tingling’ feeling in the feet and legs. At higher levels of intensity the muscles in the lower legs are likely to begin contracting automatically in response to the electrical stimulation.

  • How often should I use Fllow?

    Aim to use Fllow daily for best results. You can use Fllow while watching your favourite show, while reading or even while relaxing in bed. It’s easy to incorporate into your daily routine.

  • How long does a session with Fllow last?

    Each session with Fllow’s footpad stimulation is automatically set to last for 30 minutes, although this can be adjusted up or down as desired.

  • What are the sticky gel pads for?

    Besides stimulation via the footpads, Fllow offers two additional modes. Both of these modes involve the use of sticky gel pads that attach to your body.

    The larger Arthro-Fllow pads are attached to the upper legs for help with relief of pain associated with knee problems.

    The smaller TENS pads can be placed on many different parts of the body and can help relieve acute and chronic pain through direct stimulation of the nerves.