Pain Relief On The Move

Pain Relief On The Move

For those who suffer from all manner of neck, back, joint, and muscle pain which can sometimes come and go or linger on for days or weeks, it can be tough when you’re out and about and all of a sudden pain strikes and you aren’t able to lie down and rest.

  • Paingone Plus

    Paingone Plus

    The Automatic TENS Pen*

    $69.99 $59.99 SAVE $10.00

    Paingone Plus is the fast, compact and automatic device for people suffering from acute and chronic pain*

    It can be applied on many different areas of the body: shoulders, knees, back, neck, legs, feet, and more

    • Relief for aches and pains
    • Fast application, just 60 seconds
    • Easy to use, only one button
    • Automatic therapy delivery, powered by single AAA battery
    • Place directly on the area of pain
    • Apply on skin
    • Compact and portable with no wires, pads or gels
    • Don’t just take our word: over 2 million Paingone users worldwide
    • FDA-Cleared
    Benefits of Paingone Plus
    • Battery powered
    • Fast application - takes just 60 seconds
    • Apply and get on with your day
    • Proven therapy

  • Paingone Easy

    Paingone Easy

    Relief At The Touch Of A Button*


    Paingone Easy is the simple, wearable pad intended for relief of acute and chronic musculoskeletal pain. It fits especially well on larger areas of the body.*

    • Wireless wearable TENS device for pain relief
    • Designed for application to arms, legs, shoulder, back, hips, and other larger areas
    • Apply on the painful area
    • Wear under clothing
    • 15-minute therapy session
    • Activate when needed, carry on with your day
    • Adjustable: 3 modes, 12 intensity levels
    • FDA-Cleared
    Benefits of Paingone Easy
    • Great for back, shoulders, arms and legs
    • Place directly where it hurts
    • Fits discreetly under clothing
    • Soothing and stimulating 15-minute therapy

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