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Paingone Ellune Offer

Instant relief from period pain – wherever you are!

Paingone Ellune is the pocket-sized medical device that delivers targeted relief from period pain and menstrual cramps from the moment you turn it on.

It’s natural, fast-acting, and provides relief for as long as you need it.


Safe, Effective, and Affordable Relief from period pain

Ellune works to relieve pain without drugs – it’s fast and natural!

Award Winning Healthcare Innovation

Medical device Company

Over 2 Million

Satisfied Customers
around the world

Highly Rated

Highly Rated
On Trustpilot

60 Day Money Back Guarantee with Ellune

60-Day money
back guarantee

Award Winning Healthcare Innovation

Medical device Company

Over 2 Million

Satisfied Customers
around the world

Highly Rated

Highly Rated
On Trustpilot

60 Day Money Back Guarantee with Ellune

60-Day money
back guarantee

How It Works

Paingone Ellune delivers proven TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) technology to where you need it most. TENS helps to ease pain by stimulating your nerves, which send a signal to your body to release natural pain-killing substances, like endorphins, which effectively “switch-off” the feeling of pain.

TENS therapy is used in hospitals around the world for pain management. Now Ellune puts that same TENS therapy in a portable, discreet form that you can wear day-and-night for immediate relief when you really need it.

Ellune is the fast-acting, drug-free way to relieve your pain.

One device, endless relief

Front to back pain relief!

Cancelled plans? Bed-bound days? Period pain has a lot to answer for!

Now, thanks to Ellune, you can put period pain in its place. Directly target the area where you feel pain the most and start enjoying relief. It works from the moment you switch it on.

• Immediate feeling of relief from period pain
• Drug-free therapy
• Compact and discreet
• Wear under clothing. Activate when you need it
• Integrated screen. See everything at a glance
• BIG battery performance
• Clinically tested technology

Ellune offers all of these benefits and more

Quick & Effective

Relieves period pain FAST – And it’s so easy to use!

It’s tough to get on with your day when you’re hugging a hot water bottle to your stomach.

Ellune puts the power of TENS therapy in a compact, wearable device that lets you get back to the things you love. With its big battery, it’s there with you throughout the day. And with minimal set-up time required, you’ll be feeling relief ASAP.

Get relief from period pain in less time than it takes to brew a cup of coffee!

Ellune, Perfect for an active lifestyle

The Ellune Difference
The Ellune Difference

Why Ellune is Best!…

• Suits all body shapes
• Wear what you like with Ellune
• Slim, concealed and not Bulky
• Wear on the go, exercise is easy
• Stays in place all day
• Attractive modern design
• Nobody can see you are wearing it
• Really really comfortable

The preferred choice for drug-free period pain relief

Ellune targets your period pain

Stimulating Treatment

From the moment you switch it on, Ellune delivers carefully calibrated impulses that feel instantly soothing. The sensation is pleasant and tingling. Ellune users tell us they love how quickly the impulses block the feeling of pain.

Ellune is wireless and can go with you anywhere

Compact and portable

Ellune is discreet and simple, fitting into your life with a minimum of fuss. And when something is easy, you’re more likely to make use of it. Our customers wear Ellune wherever life takes them: the office, the gym, out with friends; it’s not an obstacle!

Ellune is Natural-&-Drug-Free

Natural and drug-free

Paingone Ellune taps into your body’s natural pain response mechanisms and is completely non habit-forming. This means it won’t interfere with any medication you may be taking. It’s a natural complementary therapy!

Over 2,000,000 people trust the Paingone brand. Thousands of satisfied Ellune users have already found relief

1. Ellune Warrior
“Paingone Ellune has completely changed my life! Suffering from endometriosis, adenomyosis and PCOS, I suffered pain not only during my periods, but throughout my whole cycle. Paingone Ellune has enabled me to significantly reduce my medication intake, and to soothe my pain in record time! I’m no longer afraid of having a pain attack when I’m outside, since Paingone Ellune is always in my bag, ready to relieve me naturally and discreetly.”

2. Ellune Warrior

“Thanks to Paingone Ellune, my pain eases after just a few minutes. The display is very practical in order to see the intensity.”
Hannah, suffers from endometriosis

“I’ve had endometriosis for years and Paingone Ellune is a great help in managing the pain, especially during severe attacks. When my period pain remains stable, it also means I don’t have to take any medication and can go about my day. It’s small, light and discreet, and no one has ever noticed it! I can’t do without it!”

4. Amber Ellune Warrior

“The big plus of Paingone Ellune is the battery life and the quality of the gel pads, which stick really well! The display is very handy for checking the battery level. I’m really happy with it! The color and shape of the device are really cute. Paingone Ellune gives me fast relief during my periods. “

Ellune is so Easy to Use

Just place directly on the pain, where you need it most

Step 1 attach Ellune to your waistband

Step 1

Place the gel pads on the area of pain

Step 2 Place the electrodes on the area of pain

Step 2

Activate Ellune and select the intensity

Step 3 Set the intensity and get back to doing what you love

Step 3

Get back to doing what you love


Powerful, Portable Pain Relief

Paingone Ellune

35 Intensity Levels
Powerful, natural relief to ease your period pain.
Battery Life
+25hr battery life. Ellune can support you throughout your entire cycle.
LCD Screen
Keep an eye on intensity and battery power.
Additional Silicone Cover
Comes with 1x Lavender and 1x White.
Change to suit your mood.
Clinically proven TENS technology.

Paingone Ellune

✓ 35 Intensity Levels

Powerful, natural relief to ease your period pain.

✓ Battery Life

Ellune can support you throughout your entire cycle. +25hr battery life.

✓ LCD Screen

Keep an eye on intensity and battery power.

✓ Additional Silicone Cover

Comes with 1x Lavender and 1x White. Change to suit your mood.

✓ Drug-free

Clinically proven TENS technology.

Ellune In
Your Pocket

We surveyed the market and saw that there was a need for a period pain device that offered more…

More power and intensity to help relieve pain
Better battery performance for extended relief
Thoughtful design that fits your lifestyle
Hardwearing components that stand up to everyday use
Visualisation of key information via screen
A safe and compliant medical device

After years of research and development we are proud to finally offer Ellune to those in need and already we boast thousands of satisfied customers.

paingone Ellune period pain device

Get paingone Ellune Today!

14 Day Offer


Paingone Ellune period pain device


✓ 35 Intensity Levels
✓ +24hr Battery Life
✓ LCD Screen
✓ x2 Silicone Cover


We want you to love Ellune!

Try Ellune risk-free. If you’re not completely happy, we’ll fix it.



Take your time and try Ellune in the comfort of your home. If you’re not 100% satisfied, return it hassle-free.

FDA -cleared


Compliant with the latest medical device regulations.



Receive Ellune quickly and without paying any additional delivery charges.

Quality Promise

From design, to materials, to our customer support we oversee every step for quality.


Excellence in
customer support

We’re real people! And we love hearing from and helping you!



Our driving ambition is to offer the best period pain device on the market and really help those who need relief.

What are the differences between Paingone Ellune and its competitors?

Brand and product Name Paingone – Ellune Livia – Starter Pack ovira – Period Cramp Relief Device myoovi – Period Pain Relief Device
Battery Life More than 25hours
10 hours
380 mAh
8-10 hours 5-10 hours
Design Compact and elegant, feels smooth against the skin, with a variety of customisable covers Compact, smooth silicon finish, with customisable covers Simple plastic design, compact, just one colour Large and bulky, less comfortable, not customisable
Suits all body shapes? yes yes yes no
Doesn’t adhere to larger body shapes
Screen – shows intensity level and battery life yes no no no
Lock function – prevents unintended changes in settings yes no no no
Number of intensity levels 35 25 40 20
Easy to transport in a small bag? yes yes yes no
Sustainability. Can electrodes be replaced? yes yes yes yes

Have A Question?

See our FAQ’s

How long does it take to feel relief?

The majority of users feel relief from the moment the device is activated. It’s one of the biggest benefits of Ellune’s TENS therapy.

Who can use Ellune?

Ellune is suitable for most. But there are certain instances where it should NOT be used. They are:

If you have suspected or confirmed epilepsy or heart disease,
malignant tumour, serious cerebrovascular disease or other acute
disease, unless specialist medical authorisation has first
been obtained.

If you are fitted with a pacemaker or other active implanted electrical

In case of epilepsy or suspicion of epilepsy.

If you are pregnant, in labour, or breastfeeding.

If being evaluated, diagnosed, or treated for fertility problems.

On children or people with no ability to express their own consciousness.

If you have been diagnosed with or have any reason to believe that you
may be suffering from, Deep Vein Thrombosis (“DVT”).

What does the therapy feel like?

Ellune’s pulses feel like a rapid vibration or tingling. You can control the intensity of the pulses, to ensure you are always comfortable and feeling relief.

Will this be suitable for my pain?

Ellune is designed for those suffering from menstrual pain and discomfort arising from primary dysmenorrhea, where the pain is not caused by any underlying gynaecological disorder.

Can I apply Ellune on my back?

Yes. Ellune can be positioned on the abdomen or, if desired, on the lower back

How is Ellune powered? How long does it last?

Ellune has a big 500 mAh rechargeable battery. On an average intensity setting it can deliver 24+ hours of therapy. It’s not going to falter when you need it most!

How do I use Ellune?

Watch our helpful videos to see just how simple it is to set up and use Ellune.

When can I expect my order?

All orders are sent on a premium delivery service. Expect to receive your Ellune within 48 hours.

Will I have to pay any additional customs, duties or VAT fees when I receive my order?

Depending on your country, it is possible that you will be charged one or more of these fees when you receive your order.

Please note that all international orders are charged in US dollars. International charges are based on the standard exchange rates between your currency and the US dollar at the time of purchase or refund.

Will you notify me by email when my order has shipped?

Keep an eye on email for order confirmation and tracking details.


Ellune is a TENS device for the temporary relief of menstrual pain and discomfort for primary dysmenorrhea, when the pain associated with menstruation is not caused by any underlying gynaecological disorder. Do not use during pregnancy, if you have implanted electrical devices, heart rhythm problems or epilepsy. If you experience any irritation, itching or marking of the skin or any other adverse symptoms from using this device, discontinue use immediately. Please consult your doctor if you are concerned about the applicability of the product in relation to your condition. If you experience new, unexpected or worsening pain, seek medical advice