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We’ve been helping pain sufferers with our unique, trusted products for almost 20 years.

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Paingone is the range you can trust for fast, simple and drug-free medical devices.

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Our products meet international quality standards, including CE and ISO. We only work with partners who prize quality, reliability and customer satisfaction and we offer simple, no-quibble guarantees on our entire range. You can purchase from Paingone with confidence.

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Our History

From a unique original invention, Paingone today has become a varied offering of pain relief solutions designed to address the pain associated with a range of conditions. Let’s take a look at how we have built our expertise and reputation:

Paingone Fllow with box

After intense research and development we are proud to release Paingone Fllow: drug-free relief for lower legs and feet. Fllow is the latest generation, CE certified medical device in the Paingone range and has already achieved huge success in Europe. In fact, one year after its launch, Fllow has become our fastest selling product ever!

Paingone Aegis and Paingone Qalm

Today, Paingone is a trusted brand for pain relief, offering a range of products to help relieve different pain symptoms. Brand new for 2020 were Aegis, designed specifically for chronic lower back pain, and Qalm, a new therapy that alleviates migraine and can even help limit their occurrence

Paingone Easy

Paingone Easy was introduced in 2018 and received great feedback from our customers, with good reason. This compact and easy to use pain relief tool delivers a powerful output and is ideally suited to relieving pain on-the-go, as it can be worn under clothing and activated at the touch of a button.

Paingone Plus

In 2016 a new, automatic model was introduced: the Paingone Plus. This quickly became a customer favourite.

Paingone Logo

Since then, Paingone has been introduced to a truly global audience, with over 1.9 million units sold around the world to date.

Paingone pen

Paingone was officially launched in 1998 and, shortly after, won an award for “Best Medical Product of the Year”.

Paingone logo

Inspired, Mr. Nødskov set about inventing. After considerable research, investigation, and clinical testing, Paingone was born! Unlike the TENS machines he was inspired by, Paingone was only the size of a pen, required no pads or gels, took 1 minute to apply and could even be used through clothing.

Paingone pen

During a trip to a medical exhibition in the USA, Mr. Nødskov saw a novel electrical pain relief therapy (TENS) being used in large appliances and hospital equipment. He wondered whether this same therapy could be made available in a convenient, compact form, suitable for home use.

Paingone logo

Paingone is an original idea of a Danish inventor, Preben Nødskov. He was searching for a drug-free solution to help his wife, Aase, relieve the debilitating pain she suffered in her hands.

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Our products meet international quality standards, including CE and ISO. We only work with partners who prize quality, reliability and customer satisfaction.

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