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Trust in paingone

Trust in paingone*

What the medical profession say

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  • Proven effectiveness in double-blind, placebo-controlled trial.
    “paingone* has now been the focus of a rigorous form of scientific study: a double-blind, placebo-controlled trial. This study involved 50 participants suffering from a range of painful conditions. The results for chronic, long-term pain were compelling and support the use of paingone* as a pain-management device. The study showed that patients felt they achieved greater pain relief when using paingone* than when using the placebo (dummy) device. Over a period of 28 days, paingone* consistently and significantly reduced pain for the trial participants. Whereas the placebo device offered almost no relief whatsoever.
    The study concluded “the use of paingone* device significantly reduces chronic pain when used daily for 28 days, compared to placebo” and “It is clearly seen as reducing chronic pain significantly…from the first day of application, compared to placebo” – Full study soon to be published.

  • Second study showing evidence that paingone can provide instant pain releif.
    second, separate study looked at the benefits of using paingone to provide “instant” pain relief. This study involved 200 participants suffering from chronic pain or intense pain. It ran for just a single day, to evaluate whether paingone can provide benefits after just one or a handful of applications.
    Again, the study results were convincing and support the use of paingone as a pain-management device.

    73% of participants agreed with the statement “the use of the product makes me feel better”
    73% of participants agreed with the statement “the pain has been reduced from the first use”
    76% of participants agreed with the statement “the medical device is effective, it works”
    And 76% of participants said they were likely to buy the product having tried it for themselves.

    Taken together, these studies provide strong support and evidence that paingone is effective for both chronic and acute pain and that it can provide relief from the first application through to daily use”

Why 9 out of 10 people who try it keep it, permanently

Happy paingone customers
  • Dear Sir,
    Just a short note to express my gratitude for the way your ‘magic pen’ has given me a better quality of life. Having suffered from chronic arthritis, I have endured great pain for a long time, but since using the Pen, I am now able to do many of things I was unable to do before (e.g.) getting up from the settee without assistance, plus the fact that getting a decent night’s sleep for the first time in months has worked wonders for my morale”
    Mrs. Margaret Fawley

  • Dear Sir,
    I am just writing to say how pleased I am with the ‘paingone*’ pen, I used it straight away and it was six days before needing a second application. This is the longest time I have been free from the pain of arthritis in ten years. I use the pen on average once every five or six days.
    Thank you.
    Mrs J Barks

What the media and press say

  • Article: DIY Device to Reduce Pain

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    “Dora Marshall was so crippled with arthritic pain in her arms and legs she would lie crying in bed at night unable to move. Mrs Marshall, 97, from Bradford, has suffered from arthritis for more than 10 years. She used to take pain killers daily to ease the pain, but last summer her painkillers seemed to lose their effect. She said: ‘I was in agony. I could hardly move. It would take me hours to get in and out of bed the pain was so bad. When I did get into bed, I would just lie there awake unable to move or turnover on my side the arthritis was so painful. I love playing the piano, but last June my fingers were so crippled with arthritis I couldn’t move them to play. I was devastated.’ But when Mrs Marshall’s doctor gave her a new hand-held device to try, called PainGone* – the size and shape of a pen – her pain was relieved instantly.”
    Oona Mashta – BBC News
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  • Article: ‘Write’ here to Ease your Pain

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    “Dear Doctor – I have fibromyalgia, with tender, painful muscles. I’ve been referred to a pain clinic, but wonder if you have anything to suggest? Fibromyalgia is a painful condition with localised areas of tenderness known as trigger points, which may form fibrous nodules. A number of complementary options can help, including acupuncture, osteopathy, chiropractic and magnetic therapy. A device that reduces pain using a similar approach to TENs (transcutaneous electro nerve stimulation) has now been developed. Known as the PainGone* Pen, it is placed over a painful trigger point and a button is depressed to release a controlled electronic current that helps to block the transmission of pain signals. A pain clinic in Sheffield used the device on 50 people with chronic myofascial pain associated with trigger points in the lower back or large joints. The study found that using the pen four times a day for two weeks significantly reduced pain and increased mobility. It can also be used to reduce pain in other conditions.”
    The Daily Telegraph
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* For temporary relief of pain as part of current pain medication Paingone will not totally eliminate pain.