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Medical device – A product you can trust in

The paingone device is the original TENS pen and a 25 year advancement in transcutaneous electro nerve stimulation, and classified as a Class IIa Medical Device used by over 1.7 million people.

The device has the following National and International quality and safety standards:

Medical Device Class IIa
Approval can only be affixed to a Medical Device when it meets the strict requirements of the directive.


British Standards Institute
Auditor of Medi-Direct’s quality management systems ensuring compliance with the latest ISO regulations.


Only given to medical devices that consistently meet customer requirements and regulatory standards.

No product or advice on this website is intended to replace current medication or diagnose, treat or cure any condition. Please consult a doctor if you are concerned about your health.

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* For temporary relief of pain as part of current pain medication Paingone will not totally eliminate pain.