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How it works

How it works

It works in a simple way, all you have to do is put the tip of the device in touch with the area pain and press the upper button 30-40 times, this only takes a minute.

Each time you press the button a minimal electrical discharge is produced, that stimulates the brain to send endorphins, the body’s natural painkiller, to the area in pain. Repeat this process as many times as you need throughout the day.

Watch our video and see how simple it is to use

How do I use it?

Acupuncture points

Choose the area that you wish to treat and place the tip of the device directly on that point. It is also just as effective through light clothing.

paingone press action

Hold the device in your hand and with your thumb click the button 30 to 40 times, this only takes 1 minute and you may feel a small impulse with each click.

Large Area Treatment

If you need to treat a larger area of pain, you can do this simply by moving it around the affected area as you click.

Acupuncture points

Treat additional areas by repeating the steps above and use it as often as you require throughout your day.

* For temporary relief of pain as part of current pain medication Paingone will not totally eliminate pain.