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Discover paingone plus

paingone plus

Discover paingone plus+

  • Use anytime, anywhere
  • Handy pocket size
  • No leads or pads
  • Effective through clothing
  • Automatic Therapy
  • Safe and simple to use
Have you heard about Paingone Plus? it’s the New Automtic TENS pen from the makers of Paingone, which sold over 1.4 million units worldwide

Paingone Plus is a safe, affordable pain relief therapy, when and where you need it, that you can use alongside your current pain relief medication.

It uses a therapy known as TENS, but without the hassle of leads, pads or messy gels and it even works through light clothing.

You simply hold Paingone Plus on the area of pain and press the activating button just once. The device delivers a serise of safe and controlled therapueutic pulses known as TENS.

Why our customers love paingone plus+

Running Man“I have used my paingone for many years now and just had to buy another one. It is very effective in dealing with my lower back pain and keeps me on the go! Now I keep one at home and one in my pocket so I can use it at any time.” – Mr Shaw
Woman Review“Just the product I have been waiting for! I have used the original paingone for some time now and I can’t be without it. However, with my arthritic hands, I sometimes found it difficult to press the button of the original paingone the full 30-40 times. Now I only have to press the button once and still get the relief I need.” – Mrs Collins

How do I use paingone* plus+?

Simply place paingone* plus+ onto the area you wish to use it. Then press the activating button just once! The device automatically delivers a series of controlled therapeutic impulses. After 30 seconds, simply click the button once more to end the treatment. The device will have delivered a total of 40 impulses, sufficient to prompt the body’s natural pain response mechanisms into action. Relief can last for hours and, if you need to apply again, you can do so. It is impossible to over-apply the paingone* plus+. The solid design is easy to grip and hold – ideal for those with painful hands and fingers. Those who have tried the original paingone* but found it difficult to apply, such as people with arthritis in their hands, will find paingone plus+ answers their needs. The full treatment can be administered with a single click. paingone plus+ does all the work for you – no more tired thumbs!

How is the paingone* plus+ powered?

paingone* plus+ is powered by a single AAA battery. Just one battery provides, on average, more than 800 treatments, making it both practical and economical. There are no wires, pads, gels or accessories required. This is the ideal, wireless TENS-style therapy device for anyone who desires quick and hassle-free relief. With just 1 button and 1 click, you can receive all the proven benefits of the paingone* therapy, in an instant.

* For temporary relief of pain as part of current pain medication Paingone will not totally eliminate pain.