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Discover paingone freeze

Discover paingone freeze

paingone freeze

paingone FREEZE Cooling gel is the next exciting product in the paingone range. It is a topical cooling gel that may be effective for:

  • Bad back
  • Stiff knee & joints
  • Stiff muscles
  • Aching muscles
  • Sore shoulder
  • Sports injuries

Paingone Freeze is a cold-therapy gel that works rapidly to soothe and cool sore, tired muscles and aching joints. Its key ingredent Isopropyl Alcohol, gives a strong cooling sensation that lasts and lasts. Simply massage paingone Freeze onto the skin, wherever it is needed; it is quickly absorbed and leaves no sticky residue. Its cooling and refreshing effects are felt immediately, followed by a more intense sensation of deep-penetrating cold as the active ingredient gets to work. paingone Freeze can provide hours of cooling relief from just a single application. It makes an ideal complement to other analgesic treatments or can be used on its own for fast, targeted relief from tiresome aches and pains.

“When pain slows you down, paingone Freeze gives a rapid response”

Reach for paingone freeze when pain strikes

Running Man“I have found this gel extremely useful in helping my knee pain whilst training for a marathon. So much so I have reccommended it to my running friends who have also found it effective. I’ll be ordering more soon!” – Nigel Crilly
Woman Review“A wonderful product! It has very beneficial ingredients. Used on its own or with my paingone* pen it really helps soothe away the pain. It also doesn’t leave any sticky residue like other cooling gels I have used.” Mrs V. Carric

Put aches and pains on ice

paingone Freeze works so quickly, you can get on with your day immediately after application. Its cooling relief begins from the moment it is applied, so aches and pains won’t slow you down! And you can feel the effects of paingone Freeze long after it has been applied, it keeps on going. Put paingone Freeze in your bag or briefcase and it is ready in an instant to help you with natural, drug-free cooling relief.

  • Instantly cooling
  • Relieves sore aching muscles and joints
  • Deep-penetrating cold therapy
  • Long-lasting effects
  • Easily absorbed
  • Isopropyl Alcohol as key ingredient
  • Menthol Fragrance
  • No side effects
  • Safe and simple to use

* For temporary relief of pain as part of current pain medication Paingone will not totally eliminate pain.